Thank you for your generous support! We have reached our target numbers for the Raya Joypacks. You may contribute to Beyond Social Services through the Covid-19 Family Assistance Fund. 100% of funds raised through this Covid-19 Family Assistance Fund will go towards affected families served by Beyond Social Services.

#SGRAYAJOYPACK is a volunteer-led project in support of Beyond Social Services and Bakers Beyond initiative. The goal of this project is for individuals and organisations to gift 100 Raya Joypacks to 100 low income families served by Beyond Social Services in time for Hari Raya! 

It is a challenging time for all of us right now as we are experiencing a global pandemic situation. While we might be experiencing difficult times, we are still privileged enough to be able to afford food and basic necessities however, not all of us are lucky. 


Low income families living in rental flats are the hardest hit during this Covid-19 crisis. Their family members may have lost their jobs or had their household income greatly reduced. They are worried about paying their bills and getting food on the table. With the coming Hari Raya, how could we bring some joy to their lives?  

By gifting a #SGRAYAJOYPACK, we could provide these families with festive essentials to cook a simple Raya dish to celebrate Hari Raya! In the Joypack, there will also be Raya goodies baked by mothers from Bakers Beyond who will also earn a festive income from your gifting! Your gifting will definitely bring joy to these families as well as our baking mothers this festive season.

- 2 x Hari Raya Cookies*

- 1 x Marble Butter Cake*

- Dry Ingredients for cooking
(Rendang Paste, Fried Coconut Paste (Kerisik), 

Coconut Milk, Tomato Puree)

- Instant Ketupat Packet
- Cordial Juice Bottle

*Cookies and cake will be prepared by 3 Bakers Beyond mothers.

Your $60 donation will be used to pay for the Raya goodies baked by mothers from Bakers Beyond and purchase of dry ingredients for low income families to cook a simple Raya dish.


Mothers from Bakers Beyond earning festive income by baking Raya goodies



Low income families served by Beyond Social Services to receive the Raya Joypacks

Click the icon to gift a Raya Joypack to a low income family.

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We will deliver the Raya Joypacks to the families in need for Hari Raya!

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